The mysterious Planchette. The early history of planchettes and spirit communication devices, from the Fox Sisters to the seances of Allen Kardec where the planchette was invented. 
Now we have created a work of art and vacuum formed it on high quality LDPE plastic. Be sure to pack the details well before filling the rest of the mold. The recessed circle will allow you to add crystals, dried flowers, chakra stones or anything your heart desires of course as long as it fits. The opening is the size of a glass bead the same used in floral arrangements.  

Measuring in at 3 inches tall by 2.5 inches across at the widest point and 1.25 inch deep.


A wetter bath bomb mix (additional oils) is recommended when working with our molds.  WATER to BIND and increase your oils.  All my molds are hand tested by me prior to being released to consumers.

Ouija - Planchette Plastic Bath Bomb Mold

  • Caring for your molds:
    Prolonged exposure to temperatures exceeding approximately 180º F may irreversibly deform the molds. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may induce stress cracking.

    LDPE may be susceptible to stress cracking when exposed to ultraviolet light and some chemicals. Wetting agents such as detergents may accelerate stress cracking.

    For best results, we recommend hand washing our molds using normal dish washing detergents, avoiding abrasive type scouring pads. LDPE can be susceptible to scratching which may complicate unmolding.

    A few tips when working with our molds. Pack the details first then the rest of the mold. A recipe rich in oils is your friend! Here is the one we use if you would like to try it!